SCI BLUE BAG on June 1, 2019:

A member of SCI Naples-Ft. Myers Chapter, Scott Hutchinson, helped distribute humanitarian aid supplies to the Bushman tribe of Namibia, Africa. In his 10-day trip, he delivered supplies for the children of the Bushman tribe. Meat delivered was used by a Christian group that feeds over 4,000 children a week. It is estimated that over 40% of the children they feed have no other source of food on a regular basis.

Thank you Scott Hutchinson, Mike Melby and Safari Club International!



AWLS on June 6-13, 2019:

SCINFM sponsored (2) educators, Joanne Cauthan and Natalie Lichtman, to attend a week program at the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) in Jackson, Wyoming. AWLS program offers hands-on lessons focused around the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation as-well-as engaging take home lessons on conservation education.  Joanne and Natalie learned firearm safety, became certified in archery and took wildlife ecology/conservation courses.  They also collaborate with other educators learning about resources to use and ways to incorporate nature into teachable lessons.  They had hands on lessons in ecology by going into a small stream and recording data we found. They learned firearm safety with handguns and rifles, as well as how to properly clean them. They were able to go to Pinedale to learn about the two horned migration route and how important it is for them. Project WILD is a program that was introduced to them so they could learn how to incorporate the outdoors into their lesson plans. They also spent time outside with only certain items in a bookbag and working together to set up camp, make a fire, and keep our area safe. AWLS professors also taught them how to make fly fishing hooks and how to fly fish. All of these skills and lessons were taught hands on with experienced teachers.


YOUTH HUNT on June 19, 2019:

SCI Naples-Ft. Myers Chapter received donations from Razzor Ranch towards Adult/Youth Hunts. On June 15th, 2019, the Safari Club international Naples-Ft. Myers Safari Chapter sponsored a Youth Hunt for graduates of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Hunter Safety program.
The FFWC and SCI Naples-Ft. Myers Chapter goal is to introduce youth to the outdoor experience of ethical hunting in Florida. Each recipient successfully completed a hunt, learned game recognition and tracking. Each recipient demonstrated firearm safety and accurate marksmanship.

“CONGRATULATIONS” to the following selected youth recipients (Front Left to Right):
Alyson Barnhill, Cassidy Sharp, Blaise Walczak, Emma Ruby , Michael Burbella

PATHFINDERS HUNT on November 9, 2019:

Safari Club International Naples-Ft. Myers Chapter teamed up Special Kids Wish and would like to congratulate JADE VICKERS for receiving the Pathfinders Award.  Jade is a 19-year-old young lady with serious health issues and enjoys the outdoors.  SCINFM Chapter members, Greg Cheek and John Caragliano, presented Jade, Savannah (Sister) and Kaylan (Dad) Vickers with a Hog Hunt by Razzor Ranch.

“CONGRATULATIONS” to JADE VICKERS recipient of the pathfinders award!