AUCTION #14: Multi Horned, Ram & Boar Hunt by Anuritay Ranch


Suggested Retail Value: $13,600.00

Auction Item: Multi Horned, Ram and Russian Boar

Where: Malbrán, Argentina


When: February to December 2020 or 2021

Days/Nights: 7 Days

Description: (2) Hunters for (7) day hunt for (1) Multi Horned, (1) Ram and (1) Russian Boar. Cost of extra hunter is $500.00 and non-hunters for $200.00. Anuritay Ranch is the only place in South America that you can hunt over (20) different species for BIG GAME in the same location, plus wing-shooting available at same location. The ranch is located on 20,000 acres of free range.  You can relax in their beautiful rustic lodge, amongst all the amenities you’ll find cozy double-bedrooms, 3 top-rated suites, worshiping chapel and a beautiful, refreshing swimming pool. Family members are never bored at the ranch, with tons of activities for all, including a billiards table, videos, satellite TV and horseback riding. The luxury hunting lodge is where you can kick-back, relax and enjoy cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Traditional & international cuisine, including typical regional cooking plus local game meats! Extend your trip and enjoy Argentina! At Anuritay, you can hunt throughout the year, but the ideal period is from March to September.

Hunt Upgrades: (18) more species can be added (call about pricing)

INCLUDES: Services of 1×1 PH, trackers and skinners, Luxury accommodations, all meals and beverages, field preparation of trophies, gun are free only pay for bullets (rifles-243, 270, 308, 7.65 Mauser, few level action 30/30 and 44 magnum, .75, 458 and 476 Westley Richards Express)

NOT INCLUDES: Airline tickets (fly into Ezeiza International Airport and purchase round trip tickets to Santiago del Estero Airport), ground transportation from Santiago de Estero Airport to Ranch (round trip per group of 1 to 4 people ($800.00)) NOTE: When arriving at Ezeiza Airport, pick up the bus “Manuel Tienda Leon.” The bus goes from Ezeiza Airport to Jorge Newberry Domestic Airport (50 minute drive.) Then you’ll need to purchase tickets round trip to Santiago del Estero (SDE)  Outfitter will pick-up guest at the Santiago Airport and drive to ranch.

Full size skinning per trophy Buffalo ($50.00), Hunting License/Permit Fees ($200.00/hunter), Packing/Dipping & veterinary certificates ($750.00/hunter).

Thank you ANURITAY RANCH for your 100% donation!



Welcome to Añuritay Ranch, the only place in South America with the opportunity to hunt 17 different Record Book species in a single location, without the need to transfer from ranch to ranch. Anuritay has more entries in the SCI Record Book than any other outfitter in South America. We’ve had 100% success in the last 15 years! Anuritay holds 352 trophies in the 2002 Record Book from which 62 are in the Top Ten. Within the Top Ten, 15 are # 1 from South America from which 6 are World Records such as Lipped Pecari, Collar Pecari, Brocket Deer, Wild Boar, Cougar and Capibara.

Francisco “Paco” Pizarro who is the founder and owner of Anuritay Game Ranch and who is himself a P. H . with 17 years of experience is the only Life Member to I.P.H.A. in Argentina , also member of S.C.I. and Master Measurer, Spear Hunting Association, International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and member of the Board of Directors of Argentina Chapter of SCI. He guides all the clients personallyand never delegates this to hired hands or assistants. Paco was selected as SCI “Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year.”

Multi Horned Ram
The ram usually has four large horns which may grow in any direction. It also has a variety of colors, including several shades o black, gray and brown. The ram is generally 86 cm high, females weighing 45-57 kilos and males 54-80 kilos, is wooly and short tailed. As the rest of the sheep and goats the hunting season is year round but mainly from arch to December.
Fire arms: 7 mm Remington Magnum, 308 Winchester, 30.06 Springfield