AUCTION #18: Lodging and Texas Hunt by 777 Ranch


Suggested Retail Value: $950.00

Auction Item: Lodging and Texas Hunt with an animal at a minimum cost of $2,500.00

Where: Hondo, Texas


When: 2020 or 2021

Days/Nights: 3 Days and 2 Nights

Description: (1) Hunter and (1) Observer for (3) days and (2) nights on a the premier hunting ranch, 777 Ranch, for harvesting of an animal at a minimum cost of $2,500.00. Cost of additional hunter is $300.00 per night and non-hunters at $175.00 per night. From the moment you arrive at 777 Ranch, you’re paired with one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and friendly guides in the country. Your guide accompanies you throughout your adventure, combining their expertise and passion to make your adventure dreams come true. 777 Ranch has 8 hunters’ lodges, 2 bed 1 bath, each sleep up to 4 people. There is a Main Lodge with gourmet dining, bar and lounge.The 777 Ranch has a large store where you can purchase items that you may need during your visit at the 777 Ranch, as well as items to take with you to remember the 777 Ranch experience.

INCLUDES: Professional Hunting Guide, Private Double Occupancy Cabins overlooking Sugar Lake, All meals and beverages, airport pickup from Hondo Airport, No Firearm Permit Required, Field Prep including capping, skinning and salting

NOT INCLUDES: Taxidermy-Recommended that you take any meat, skins, horns or personal items with you when you depart, Tag Fee for Whitetail ($315.00) and Big Game ($48.00), Private Pick up from San Antonio Airport ($100.00), Tips

Hunt Upgrades: Over 60 SPECIES of native and exotic breeding herds you can add to your trip, FISHING: Full Day per Person per night ($350.00), Half Day per Fisherman-Min 2 persons ($225.00), SPORTING CLAYS SHOOTING RANGE=$10.00 per round Minimum of 5 Rounds, 777 RANCH PHOTO SAFARIS= $300 ( 1- 5 people ) — Includes 3-hour tour, guide, and refreshments.

Thank you 777 RANCH for your donation!



The 777 Ranch has been the premier hunting ranch in the United States for 50 years. Since Jeff Rann, African Dangerous Game Professional Hunter, acquired the 777 Ranch, he has made it his goal to bring a bit of Africa to Texas. The dedication and experience of over 50 years as a hunter and wildlife conservationist that he brings to the 777 Ranch has elevated its legendary reputation; that cannot be equaled anywhere. 777 Ranch sits on the edge of the Texas Hill Country in South Texas, the home of the famed South Texas Whitetail. This region has one of the highest natural protein habitats in the United States. This Wahia bush of South Texas can be compared to the Acacia bush of Southern Africa and is the secret of the natural horn growth for the 777 Ranch’s browsers.

Our Exotic animals, and of course, Whitetail are examples of the old saying that to grow big horns and big antlers; you start with the best genetics; have healthy animals through good nutrition; and allow your animals to mature through age. This is the secret of the 777 Ranch’s success.

The 777 Ranch is a Texas Hunting Ranch that has brought together over 60 species of native and exotic breeding herds from 80 countries and 5 continents. Now we can boast one of the most diverse and populous wildlife herds in the world. This is due to our management program, which was established in the 1960s, and fine-tuning over the last decade has. It resulted in more 777 Ranch record book animals of more species being taken than any other outfitter. Included in this management program are the multiple lakes for some of the best Florida Large Mouth Bass fishing in Texas.

Jeff, the owner of the legendary 777 Ranch, is a man who truly lives for the hunt. He will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients get what they came for. He is driven by adrenaline and thrives on the adventure of the hunt. He has had the privilege of hunting with Kings, Presidents, Generals, movie stars, rock stars, and world-leading businessmen. He also produced The African Adventure Video series and the first video with Peter Hathaway Capstick. Jeff cut his teeth on dangerous game hunting on the Dark Continent and made quite a name for himself in the process. According to him, “Sharing a dangerous game experience with someone creates a bond that can last a lifetime”

Jeff has had the 777 under his regime since 2002 and has only grown the tradition. To-date, the ranch has more record book entries than any other outfitter in the world in its 50 years of existence. To make things more interesting, the ranch has also been the filming destination of choice for many Hollywood producers with movies such as Ace Ventura Pet Detective – When Nature Calls and most recently, Syriana, staring: George Clooney and Matt Damon. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff Rann at the 777, you owe it to yourself to book a trip. Your next adventure awaits!