AUCTION #21: Adult/Youth Hunt for Meat Hogs by Razzor Ranch


Suggested Retail Value: $800.00 

Auction Item: Meat Hogs

Where: Razzor Ranch, Zolfo Springs, Florida


When: 2020 or 2021

Days/Nights: 1 Full Day

Description: (2) Hunters for (1) Meat Hog EACH (Total of (2) Meat Hogs.) Welcome to Florida’s wild hog hunting and trophy boar hunts on hundreds of acres with 98.6% success since 1999. All their wild hog hunting is done on large privately own Florida land within 55 minutes of Tampa or Ft. Myers. Hunt 7 days a week year-round, with no Florida hunting license needed. Bring your camera to ensure you remember all you will see on this hunt of a lifetime. Along with world class wild hogs, you will see axis deer, water buffalo, black buck antelope, fallow deer, siki deer, turkey, bison, rams, wild island goats, red stag, and to much more to list. This Florida hunting ranch is way more than just a hog hunt, hog hunt by stand, spot & stalk, or 6 passenger atv safari ride. Wild boar hunting is considered a dangerous game hunt, and as an experienced outfitter in Florida you are insured a safe hunt with Razzor Ranch. Hunt with your choice of weapon, rifle, pistol, bow, spear, or knife to increase your hunting difficulty or chances. This is a true hunting experience. you will have to hunt on our ranch because if a hog sees, smells, or hears you their gone. Experience is not a requirement there, that’s why they have hunting guides.

Upgrades: Upgrades available and add-on game including Alligator and Exotic Animals.

INCLUDES: Guide plus no license required!

NOT INCLUDES: Taxidermy, Meat processing, Skinning and Quartering, Upgrades and Tips (Recommended $150.00-$200.00)

Thank you RAZZOR RANCH for this donation.




Family hunting in the great outdoors. Farther & son, mother & daughter, or the whole family will have a safe fun time. As an old wise
tale says, the family that hunts together stays together. I hunted my younger years with my grandfather and will never forget or replace
the great times we had together.

Weather you hunt all the time, or have never shot a gun before, we have the hunt for you. Our guides have been hunting and training
young hunters for years. We can teach you how too shoot, go over gun safety, teach you when too shoot and when not too, walk you
threw a hunt step by step before you hunt on our private shooting range. Remember if your new too hunting, your
not alone at Razzor Ranch. A seasoned professional guide will be by your side from sighting your gun in, too the final shot of your
game animal.

If your family members are veteran hunter’s and know what they are doing, then lets shoot a round on the range too make sure you are
sighted in an off for a great hunt you will go. We cater too the new hunter or the veteran hunter, its your vacation hunt how you want

At Razzor Ranch you can hunt as a family. We have 18 stand locations all have room for two hunters, and three stands will hunt three too
six hunters with a roof overhead for rainy days. We use six passenger ATVS for ride hunts, and our ground blinds will hold two to four
hunters. You can film your son or daughters first hunt, and share it with others that couldn’t come along. If Sharing the hunt with your
loved ones is important too you, then Razzor Ranch should be your next family hunting destination.