AUCTION #8: Alligator Hunt by Razzor Ranch


Suggested Retail Value: $1,475.00

Auction Item: Alligator  Hunt (6-7 footer)

Where: Zolfo Springs, Florida


When: Year Round, 2020 or 2021

Days/Nights: 1 Day Hunt

Description: (1) Hunter for (1) Day of exciting Alligator hunting (6-7 footer) in Zolfo Springs, Florida.  You can expect to see 5 to 25 alligators a day that range from 5 foot to 13 foot plus on your hunt, additional cost for longer alligator (see price below.) You will be hunting with all weapons needed to insure we get your alligator. By Florida law you may use rifle in daylight hours only and crossbow, bang stick, bow, spear and pole at night. You can expect to have a great time hunting in a game rich environment with a guarantee you go home with an alligator. Additional costs for Combo hunts with exotics and hog upon request. Razzor Ranch is located about 85 miles / 1 hour 15 minutes from Tampa International Airport or 60 miles / 50 minutes from Ft. Myers International Airport.

Alligator Upgrades: 7’1″ to 7’11” ($250), 8’0″ to 8’11” ($550), 9’0″ to 9’11” ($950), 10’0″ to 10’11” ($1,400), 11’0″ or higher (Price will be Discussed) (Skinning and quartering are not included on upgrades)

NOT INCLUDES: Tagging, Skinning and Quartering ($45.00 per foot), License Fee ($52.00) and Tips (Recommended $150.00-$200.00)

Thank you RAZZOR RANCH for this donation.



Hunt Florida alligator year-round. Alligator hunting at our private Florida ranch with your choice of bow, rifle, pistol, or alligator harpoon from shore line, buggy or airboat is Florida’s greatest hunting adventure. We carry all alligator equipment and tags necessary to insure you harvest one of Florida’s ageless dinosaurs. Alligators never stop growing and we have your size gator from 4 foot to 13 plus feet. Our Florida ranch is the best place to hunt alligator, because our water table is always high even when all other property around us is dry, so all alligators for miles flock to our ranch. Don’t waste your time and money hunting alligator in a tiny pond, hunt where you are guaranteed to see giant alligators year-round. Daylight alligator hunting is the best of all do to the fact you can see and judge the size of all alligators with ease. Day light hunts are highly recommended. We start the hunt stalking alligators and judging the size of each one till we fine the size our client is looking for and then snag the alligator with fishing pole with large treble hook and shot with a rifle or pistol.  You are shooting at a four-inch target, so a steady hand and sometime more than one shot is needed to kill these very tough hided dinosaurs (other methods and weapons used at client request.) We hunt only private land to ensure there are lots of gators and be able to hunt all year long. Public land hunts will have lots of competition for the same gators an outfitter would be looking for with a limited season and most gators are small do to the fact that the big ones are shot out. On private land hunts you may use rifle and hand guns to kill your gator, and hunt day or night. Where public land hunts no rifle or forearm at all may be used, and your time window by law is only at night most times. On our private land hunts, you will AVOID tangled lines with others, limited time, only small gators, not being able to have a firearm, limited season, and no speeding boats blasting by on the hunt.