AUCTION ITEM #3: Dove Hunt by HP Wingshooting Adventures


Suggested Retail Value: $6,400.00

Auction Item: Dove

Where: Dona Coca, Cordoba, Argentina


When: Year Round for 2019 or 2020

Days/Nights: 4 Day Hunt

Description: (4) Hunters for (4) Days will enjoy a high volume dove hunt in Cordoba, Argentina. Hunt dates must be booked 2 months prior to hunt with prepayment of $2,225.00 for shells, hunting license, gun rental and transfer fee per hunter. Cost of extra hunter is $3,825.00 and non-hunter at a cost of $1,150.00. You will stay at the “estancia” Doña Coca Lodge located in the province of Cordoba. This estancia can accommodate up to nine hunters. It has five air-conditioned rooms, three of which have private bathrooms. Doña Coca Lodge has a spacious living room with satellite television, a stocked complimentary bar and a beautiful dining room where you can enjoy authentic Argentine “asados” with our famous Argentine beef, fine Argentine wines and many delicious traditional delicacies. It also includes free laundry services and free W-Fi. Gun rental, masseuse and a gift shop.

Hunt Upgrades: Ducks ($500.00) and Pigeons ($500.00)

INCLUDES: Meals, accommodations, laundry service, free wi-fi, open bar, guide, driver and bird boys.

NOT INCLUDES: Flight to Cordoba, Argentina, airport transfer to and from lodge ($150.00 per person), Ammo (100 boxes-$12.50/box), hunting license ($375.00 per hunter), gun rental ($350.00 per hunter)

Thank you HP WINGSHOOTING ADVENTURES for your donation!


Season: All around Year
Limit: No Limit, You can shoot over a thousand in a day!
Dove hunting takes place out of the Doña Coca Lodge. The hunts are conducted among three large roosting areas and feeding areas nearby approximately twenty to fifty minutes from the lodge. We are constantly scouting to ensure our clients have an excellent hunt.
There are no limits on doves; therefore, it’s conceivable for a hunter to shoot a few thousand doves in a single day. Each hunter will be assigned a “bird boy” who will be attentive to the hunter while in the field. He will ensure that shell pouches are always full, that cold drinks are always available and any other need the hunter may have. The bird boy has a counter to keep track of the downed birds as well as a backpack with a basic first aid kit and a radio to contact the guide should there be a need. The guide will occasionally be visiting all the hunters in the field to ensure that everything is going as planned.
Season: May to July
Limit: 25-30 duck per hunt
Duck season in Argentina runs from the beginning of May up through the month of July with liberal daily bag limits and several different species of ducks such as chiloe wigeon, red shoveler, rosy-billed pochard, yellow-billed pintail, white-cheeked pintail, fulvous tree duck, white-faced tree duck, Brazilian teal, cinnamon teal, silver teal, ringed teal, speckled teal, black-headed duck.
The use of motion decoys, floating decoys, and the expert calling of your guide adds to the excitement of the hunt.
The hunts take place in either the province of Santa Fe or in the province of Santiago del Estero depending on the annual rainfall. The marshes in Santa Fe have a constant water supply from the San Javier River which maintains an ideal duck habitat year round. The duck habitat in Santiago del Estero is dependent on the amount of rainfall in the northern part of the country. A heavy rain season can bring enough water to overflow the Dulce River and in turn flood the surrounding fields providing the perfect habitat for an abundant amount of ducks. Whether the hunt takes place in Santa Fe or Santiago del Estero, one thing the hunters can be sure of is that they will have an excellent hunt
Season: April 15 to October 15
Limit: 200 pigeons per hunt
Our pigeon hunts take place in Santiago del Estero, one of the provinces in Argentina with the greatest population of pigeons. The fields are approximately twenty to forty-five minutes away from the lodge. The hunts take place in various grain fields and feed lots. There is a limit of 200 pigeons per hunter per day. We are constantly scouting the area to insure that every hunter has a successful hunt. Pigeons are hunted over decoys to maximize the opportunity of reaching one’s limit. The pigeon hunt typically starts around early mid-morning and runs until mid to late afternoon. Lunch is served in the field to increase hunting time since pigeons, unlike doves, are very unpredictable in their behavior. Each hunter is assigned a “bird boy” to tend to their needs while in the field.