AUCTION ITEM #7: Ducks, Geese & Pheasant Hunt by European Hunting Adventures


Suggested Retail Value: $6,600.00

Auction Item: Ducks, Geese & Pheasants

Where: Novi Sad, Serbia


When: September 2019 thru February 2020

Days/Nights: 6 Nights, 3 Hunting Days, 2 Tourism Days

Description: (2) Hunters OR (1) Hunter and (1) Observer for (5) days and (6) nights of bird hunting in beautiful Novi Sad, Serbia. Hunt includes (3) days of unlimited number of ducks and geese and (5) pheasants plus (2) days of touring the local area of several Orthodox monasteries and fortress. Extra Hunter is $4,100.00 and extra observer is $2,500.00 as well as $550.00 for extra hunting day and $350.00 for extra observer day. On the first (3) days you will hunt ducks, geese and pheasants in the morning from blinds built with vegetation of the area and decoys in the water.  The rest of the trip you will enjoy touring around Novi Sad several Orthodox monasteries on Fruska Gora and Petrovaradin fortress then overnight at a local hotel. Next day, you will be transferred to Belgrade, visit Kalemegdan fortress, Orthodox Temple of Saint Sava and tour of the city and return back to Novi Sad to overnight and depart the next day to the airport.

Additional Tours: Wine Tasting Tour ($350.00)– Daily tour with included visit of 3-4 wineries around Novi Sad, lunch in some nice restaurant on the road, English speaking driver with luxury car and assistance of person who is “knight of wine” – member of the local organization of wine lovers.

Hunt Upgrades: Mouflon sheep without size limit ($3,550.00), Fallow deer without size limit ($3,000.00), Red stag up to gold medal ($8,000.00), Russian wild boar without size limit ($1,500.00), Racka sheep ($3,450.00), Feral goat ($2,450.00), Jackal ($1,100.00), Wild cat ($1,850.00), Badger ($950.00), Marten ($800.00), Fox ($350.00), Wild turkey ($800.00)
Trophy fee for 5 Roe deer females in one day (up to January 31) ($550.00)
Mixed bag hunting of 2 hare and 5 pheasants (up to December 15) ($500.00)
Pheasant hunting day 5 pheasants included (up to January 31) ($450.00)
Duck hunting day from blind with calls and decoys ($550.00)

INCLUDES: Assistance for settlement of customs formalities at Belgrade airport in arrival and departure, all transfers during the stay, use of 4×4 vehicle during the stay, lodging in 3 star hotels or hunting houses, assistance of professional hunter and local game keepers, unlimited number of ducks and geese and field preparation of trophies.

NOT INCLUDES: Airfare tickets, rent a rifle or shotgun ($150.00 plus ammo), VAT 20%, Serbian hunting license ($140.00), official measurement ($35.00) per trophy, cape ($100.00), single 4×4 vehicle for hunt ($200.00 per day), packing export documentation and sending of trophies, tips, drinks and gratuities.

Thank you EUROPEAN HUNTING ADVENTURES for your 100% donation!