AUCTION ITEM #8: Iberian Mouflon Sheep Hunt by Fernando Saiz Spain


Suggested Retail Value: $7,150.00

Auction Item: Iberian Mouflon Sheep

Where: Madrid, Spain


When: Year Round, 2019 or 2020

Days/Nights: 3 Day Hunt

Description: (1) Hunter for (3) Day Iberian Mouflon Sheep hunt. If you want the big ram you will have to look carefully, stalk after the big group and take your time to pick the big old guy. Every inch counts in the full curl you want to bring back home. This trip combines a magnificent hunt with shopping and cultural visits. You will enjoy a very personal and familiar treatment in Fernando’s 16 Century Hacienda in the middle of The Man of La Mancha’s area. Fernando encourages you to take your significant other and visit different historical cities, in which shopping, sightseeing and typical meals are spectacular.

Hunt Upgrades: European Fallow Deer and Iberian Red Deer ($4,800/each), Gredos and Beceite Ibex ($7,900/each), Southerneastern and Ronda Ibex ($7,700/each), Pyrenean and Cantabrian Chamois ($4,900/each), Roe Deer ($3,900) and Wild Boar ($1,300)

INCLUDES: Reception at the airport, clearance of guns, transportation from Madrid to the hunting area, professional hunter 1×1 (English speaking), trophy fee for an Iberian Mouflon sheep up to 185 points CLC, and full accommodations (room and meals.)

NOT INCLUDES: Airfare to and from Madrid, hunting license ($270/area), taxidermy ($200-$250/trophy), non hunter ($350/day), shipping, extra cost for size if applicable and 21% VAT on donation value.

Thank you FERNANDO SAIZ SPAIN for your donation!


We are one of the oldest professional hunting organizations in Spain having organized in 1975. Our team of four professional hunters has over 150 years of hunting experience both in Spain and around the world. Our motto is ‘Spanish Tradition and Hunting Excellence To us this means we strive to maintain the true spirit of hunting while exercising professionalism by being in the best areas, having the best permits, and providing the best guides.

What makes European big game hunting so magnificent? Is it centuries of tradition and history? Or that custom and ritual are still as important as the hunt? Travel two hours south of Madrid to “Fernando Saiz – Spain” and you’ll find out. Join Fernando Saiz at his venerable family compound (where striking Spanish architecture abounds throughout a property that is beautifully furnished and perfectly decorated to reflect the history of such a special place) and experience some of the most varied hunting you’ll find anywhere in Europe.

Fernando Saiz Hunting is one of the oldest outfitting companies in Spain. Years of hard work, dedication, and lots of satisfied hunters are our best endorsement. After working as an architect, Fernando Saiz decided to follow his passion and set up an outfitting company that has managed to stand out as a symbol of excellence in the hunting world. With the help of his wife Koki they have managed to build up a team that will fall in the family category, and that is the way they will make you feel.