AUCTION ITEM #15: Roe Deer Hunt by Hunt in Europe


Suggested Retail Value: $5,500.00

Auction Item: Roe Deer

Where: Vojvodina Region, Serbia


When: April thru September 2019 or 2020 (Best in April and May)

Days/Nights: 5 Days

Description: (1) Hunter and (1) Observer for (5) day stay of hunting for a trophy quality Roe deer. Serbia has a very dense population of Roe deer, which one may expect to get 3 to 10 and even more Roe deer over 4 hunting days. The season is open from April 16 through September 30, but the best period is in April and May, when the vegetation is low, and during the first half of August, in the breeding season. One may upgrade the hunt for a Eurasian Wild Boar as well.

Hunt Upgrades (subject to 21% tax): Eurasian Wild Boar ($1,900), Golden jackal ($1,900), European wild cat ($2,900), Racka sheep ($4,900)

INCLUDES: Airport assistance to/from Belgrade airport, all meals and lodging during the hunt, services of a professional guide, all ground transport during the hunt, Hunting organization including gun clearance, reserve entry fees, hunting license, hunting permit and insurance, Skinning, salting and trophy care including first treatment and measurement (CIC or grams) of the trophies.

NOT INCLUDES: Trophy fees, dipping, packing and export documentation ($500), rifle rent if required ($150) including ammo per hunt and government tax ($1,155). The trophy fee for the first best available Roe deer ($1,900 + tax), but donation can be upgraded with a package of 3 best available Roe deer for ($4,900 + tax or $1,600 each), or 5 Roe deer for ($6,000 + tax or $1,200 each). Hotel and meals before and after the hunt, trophy packing and shipping, taxidermy, VAT 21%, and tips.
The skull and horns may be prepared for the hunter to take back. Roe deer shed in the spring and capes are not in their best for a full mount, but we may provide capes at the cost of ($100 each) and ship them to the hunter at a later date.

Thank you HUNT IN EUROPE for your 100% donation!


The hunting area is located in the North of Serbia, in the Vojvodina region, which is flat agricultural land. The Roe Deer hunt in Vojvodina is considered the best in Europe. The best period for this hunt is in the first fifteen days of May. The hunt is done by searching for the animals with the car and following on foot after locating them. We can guarantee gold medal trophies in the C.I.C. point system, for Roe Deer, Wild Boar and Mouflon Sheep in the month of May. Lodging is provided in hunting houses or small hotels in the hunting area.

Serbia – Roe Deer