AUCTION ITEM #5: Sable Hunt by Provier Safaris


Suggested Retail Value: $22,600.00

Auction Item: Sable

Where: Limpopo Province, South Africa


When: Year Round, 2019 or 2020

Days/Nights: 7 Day Hunt

Description: (1) Hunter for (7) Days will enjoy hunting a trophy sable with no restrictions on size and includes trophy fees. Hunter must hunt a value of $6,000.00 or more from their pricelist BEFORE Sable hunt. Pricelist includes numerous plain games animals, buffalos, crocodile, birds and many more options. Winning bidder must also bring (3) Hunters, no additional cost for these (3) hunters except what they may hunt but with no restriction from pricelist. With the package, all (4) Hunters will receive travel to and from Polokwane airport, accommodations, meals, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Cost of Non-Hunters are $275.00 per person/day and ADDITIONAL Hunters are $400.00 per person/day. Walk & stalk to find your ideal plains game trophies! Secluded lodge nestled between the mighty Limpopo and picturesque mountain landscape, surrounded by an abundance of trophies to be harvested!

INCLUDES: Pick-up & drop off from Polokwane Airport (2 hours away), Accommodations from (4) different, scenic camps, meals, alcoholic beverages, local beer, wine and soft drinks for (4) Hunters,  No VAT applicable and excludes permits and licenses, permit fees only applicable on Big 5 and endangered species.

NOT INCLUDES:  Pick-up & drop off from OR Tambo International Airport (4 hours away), Trophy fees, Rifle and Ammo hire, Dipping and Packing and Gratuities.

Thank you PROVIER SAFARIES for your donation!


Situated in the Limpopo Province, no more than 4 hours drive north of OR Tambo International Airport and only 2 hours drive west of Polokwane, you will find in total 200 000 acres of private owned land as well as a few hunting concessions personally managed by PROVIER SAFARI’S. This is where you will find our five treasures, nestled under our African blue skies, close to shore of the mighty Limpopo or at the foot of a picturesque mountain.

Provier Safari’s are fortunate enough to be able to donate an exclusive 7 (SEVEN) day African Hunting Safari as our contribution to the enhancement of the non-profitable organizations which will in return help us to promote our dedication, loyalty & passion for this industry!
Driven by our passion for the wild, PROVIER was established a few years ago and due to our dedication for the tradition of hunting, PROVIER SAFARI’S was formed and developed to offer a true South African hunting safari with the most qualified & experienced staff ever imagined.

We specialize in a true African hunting safari and proudly present our qualified & well experienced staff such as chefs, professional hunters, trackers & skinners. Our hosts will entertain our precious clients around a true African bushveld fire with a distinct smell of African cuisine whilst listening to our African nightlife music and sipping on a pure African Sangria. Through years of experience and the driven hunger to constantly feed our knowledge on the 230 mammal species to be found in Africa, we will enlighten you with memories of experience, facts of knowledge and thoughts to keep for a lifetime! Your adventure starts here …

​So … don’t just dream your life whilst you can LIVE YOUR DREAM and LOVE IT!