AUCTION ITEM #12: Whiteriver Rafting Trip by Action Whitewater Adventures


Suggested Retail Value: $3,380.00 (There is a RESERVE on this package)

Auction Item: Whitewater Rafting Trip

Where: Salmon, Idaho on the Main Salmon River


When: 2019 Season

Days/Nights: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Description: (2) people for (5) Days and (4) Nights will enjoy this incredible whitewater rafting package! Included is food, camping gear and rafting equipment. Action Whitewater Adventures offers large stable oar powered rafts, paddle boats, and inflatable kayaks on all Idaho trips. AWA guides are all hand-picked and personally trained by Verle Duerden, owner of Action Whitewater Adventures. World class food, including New York cut steaks, chicken fajitas, cheesecake and strawberry shortcake, plus numerous other dutch oven specialties. Friendly, experienced office staff to answer all of your quests.

INCLUDES: Whitewater Rafts, Life Jackets of special whitewater design, Professional Guide, Meals, Cooking facilities, Sanitary facilities, Beverages including unlimited water, lemonade and punch, Wilderness First Aid Kit, Sleeping bag-laundered between every trip, Roomy, four-man tent for every two people with (2) Cots to sleep on, Waterproof Bag for sleeping gear and clothing (CANNOT bring your suitcase with you on the river, recommend to bring a 33″ x 16″ soft gym bag, required weight limit of 30 pounds of gear per person), Waterproof day bag for personal items, Transportation from Salmon to Corn Creek (River launch point), Transportation from Carey Creek, river take out, to McCall, Idaho.

NOT INCLUDES: Gratuities, Airport Transportation to and from river trip, Dry Suits-bring your own or rental is available (required on early season trips in April and May/Recommend on June and high-water trips), Rain Suit-good quality two-piece with closures on wrists and ankles (a poncho is not effective rain gear), Wet suit booties-excellent footwear tor May, June and September trips, Fishing Gear and License-bring collapsible poles or rigid pole case (Idaho regulation requires barbless hooks or hooks with the barbs bent down on the Main Salmon river (fishing on the Salmon River is catch and release only), Alcoholic Beverages-welcome to bring in moderate amounts-avoid glass containers.
Travel Arrangements Packages are available through AWA. Stress free bargain, they make hotel, travel arrangements and transportation to your river trip and back. See more details on website (Vacation Package: Boise to Boise-$425.00) (Driving Package: Salmon to McCall-$299.00 Car Shuttle and $125.00 hotel per person)

Thank you ACTION WHITEWATER ADVENTURES for your donation!


Action Whitewater Adventures has been providing guests with 5 day Main Salmon rafting trips every summer for the past 58 years! A family business built on passion for the outdoors, AWA offers the ultimate Main Salmon rafting adventure, creating memories and new friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. Throughout the years, we have explored virtually every whitewater rafting area in the West,along with wild rivers in other parts of the world. We chose to stick with The Main Salmon River because we truly believe it is the best white water rafting river in the West.

A Main Salmon river trip is simply about having a good time, with great people, in a spectacular setting. A river trip emphasizes the important things in life, and eliminates the trivial matters that we all get too caught up in. A Main Salmon river trip removes these distractions and allows your to simply enjoy life, and have fun. The biggest decision is deciding whether to have seconds of the New York strip steak or save room for Dutch Oven peach cobbler.

On each Main Salmon Rafting trip we have a selection of rafts to choose from. Our large rowing style boats, paddle boats, inflatable kayaks and paddle cats, so everyone on the trip can choose their own level of activity. You can spend an active day in the paddle boats,duckies (inflatable kayaks) or paddle cat or just relax and take pictures on the rowing style boat and let the guide do the work for you. Our 5 day Main Salmon rafting trips are all inclusive and deluxe, we provide all rafting and camping equipment, as well as gourmet meals. In other words, we do all the cooking, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Discover Excitement: The class III and IV rapids on the Main Salmon river supply the thrills and excitement to get your adrenaline going! Experience the ever changing Main Salmon River with heart pounding white water, wild waves and deep holes. Relax in the calm water between the rapids. Catch your breath, enjoy the scenery from steep granite cliffs to grassy meadows. Join in family fun activities, hot springs, water fights and volleyball on the beach.
Discover Traveling by River:Thrills and excitement are provided by heart pounding roller coaster-like rapids followed by calmer sections allowing you ample time to play and enjoy the canyon. This unique blending provides the magic that is white water rafting on the Main Salmon River. Allow the current of the Main Salmon River to carry you through the Grand Canyon of the Main Salmon to the ultimate family vacation. White sandy beaches, breath taking views, and abundant wildlife make this a vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Discover Freedom: Enjoy a pampered existence with attention to detail, gourmet cuisine, calm deep pools for relaxation, swimming or fishing. Surround yourself with the beauty of wilderness mountains and a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon. Camp on white sandy beaches sheltered by giant ponderosa pines. Camp out in the worlds only 10 million star resort on the Main Salmon River.
Discover a once in a lifetime experience:We consider it our pleasure to guide you, your family and friends through Idaho’s pristine wilderness down the Main Salmon River. This is truly the perfect vacation.